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I am a Massive Nerd


Hello, my name is Samodean, and I am a massive nerd.

Welcome new and old readers to my new blog!

First, a quick introduction for the new readers out there. I started up my previous blog, Hardcore Casual back in October of last year. It was a blog solely about World of Warcraft. Well, at least that's how it STARTED. Before long, I started doing weekly "Nerd Life" posts for off-topic discussion.

Over time, I actually started putting more time and effort into my Nerd Life posts than my WoW posts. Additionally, I've been growing increasingly tired of the game. After some time with the upcoming game, Aion, I decided it was time for a change.

And so, Massive Nerd was born. The purpose of this blog is just to give me a place for all the strange, wonderful frightening thoughts I have. "Nerd Life" style posts will be more than weekly. Nothing concrete, but I want to branch out into more topics. Constraining myself to solely WoW made it hard to write sometimes. Even though there is no primary topic for Massive Nerd, WoW and Aion will be receiving the majority of the coverage here.

One major change from Hardcore Casual is the posting schedule. I started posting sporadically, but then got more into it and was posting 5, 6, even 7 times a week. After several months of constant updates, I felt I was obligated to deliver that much content on a regular basis. And, well, sometimes I just didn't have much to talk about, and would spend great deals of time just figuring out WHAT to write about. So, some weeks I will post quite often, and some maybe only once or twice. Quality over quantity, my friends. So, when you see loads of Aion coverage leading up to its release, don't get too used to it!

Now, a quick note for my WoW blogging friends out there. I have not quit WoW blogging. I have not left the community. True, I no longer post about WoW exclusively. creatively, I felt this was the best direction for me. As such, I have scaled down my links. Hardcore Casual was a WoW blog, and I dedicated a large amount of space to blog links. Massive Nerd is more general, and if I linked EVERYTHING I read, this page would be nothing but a giant blogroll. As such, the small selection of WoW blogs I have displayed are the ones I read EVERY DAY, regardless of topic. I still read other blogs and will still be around for a while.

Once Aion launches, however... we'll see where things go.

Before this grows any larger, welcome all! Massive Nerd will feature coverage of World of Warcraft, Aion, console games, movies, TV, comics, anime and any other aspect of "Nerd Life" I feel others like me would be interested in!