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Fiction Index


As my tales of Corrigan and his world continue to grow, I will need a place to collect all the stories.

This post will be constantly updated as new chapters are released and will always be available via the link at the top of the page.

Prologue: CYOA

CYOA started as a multi-blog, choose-your-own-adventure type story, written by myself and several other authors. I am proud to compile their work here for all to follow. The bold entries are "canon," the parts of the story I consider the "true path" for continuing the tale.

Prelude, by myself

The Hammer, by Byaghro
     The Battle Within, by Creep
          Cupid's Arrow, by Fulguralis
          All Good Things Must Come to an End, by Ithiel
     Patience, by myself
The Man in the Shield, by Fulguralis
     Go East, Young Man, by Grimtorn
          Corrigan Turns Back, by Jaramon
          A Weary Journey's End, by Creep
          Rescuing Lionheart, by Syrana
     The Southern Gate, by Snug
          Death Sentence, by Byaghro
          Untitled, by Skipper
The Libram, by Syrana
     Project Nataliah, by Jaramon
     Untitled, by Skipper
          The Final Battle, by Grimtorn
          Stand Your Ground, by myself

Chapter 1: Corruption

Part 1: Lessons
Part 2: No Good Deed...
Part 3: No Hope
Part 4: Sylphine's Story
Part 4.5: Sylphine's Story (Cont.)
Part 5: Breaking

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August 6, 2009 at 11:45 PM  

Nice, I'll give it all a read when I have the chance.

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