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I Told You it Would Be Worth the Wait

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Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls.

I've been hard at work on the blog.

Notice the changes? OF COURSE NOT. I didn't say I was hard at work on THIS blog.

I have leveled up my Blogging Skill sufficiently that I've outgrown Blogspot.

So, I present to you: MassiveNerd.net.

I have transferred my FeedBurner feed over to the new blog. Those of you subscribed to the FeedBurner feed should not see this message in your readers. If you DO see this, you're subscribed to the default BlogSpot feed and will need to switch to the FeedBurner.

I hope you'll all join me, I have some big things planned.

Weekend Web: 2/6

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In case you missed it this week:

Warning for dirty language:

Be Vewwy, Vewwy Quiet...


Big things going down, friends.

I may have a short post or two in the mean time, but Fiction, Dragon Age Guides and Comics for Noobs are on temporary hiatus for the next week or two.

Trust me, it's worth it.