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What to Expect in the Aion Beta

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Alright, got some quality time in with the Aion Closed Beta this weekend. I'll have lots to post about over the coming days. However, there are several things that have been popping up in forum discussions that I'd like to clear up for everyone.

Glitches/Balance/Other Annoyances
The Beta is currently Version 1.0.

The original Korean game is currently in 1.2, with 1.5 due to launch any day now. For whatever reason, they rolled 1.3 and 1.4 into 1.5.

When the game launches in September, both NA and EU versions will be 1.5.

Many of the little problems we're experiencing right now won't even exist in Live.

It'a a Beta, dumbass.

Since the game itself is already out overseas, we're only testing the localization and THE SERVERS. Of course there's going to be some lag while they iron out the issues. Honestly, 2 servers isn't enough for the amount of players currently, and there's VERY LITTLE lag as it is.

Again, Beta.

Since the characters will be wiped before the Open beta and again before Live, it gives jerks free reign to grief other players without fear of consequence.

So yes, kill stealing, jacking up prices, training and general asshattery abound currently. The jerks won't go away on Live, but will be a bit more under control. Besides, there are ways to deal with this.

Eastern games have a reputation for being nothing but grinding. Not so with Aion. If you search around, there are enough quests to carry you through the game. The only time you should find yourself grinding is if you choose not to do the Group Quest chains.

Many players get their wings, fly up into the sky, then die when their flight time runs out. Then complain that a game that considers Flight a major selling point shouldn't limit it so much.

It's a game mechanic, duh. First of all, your flight time will increase as you level up. Secondly, the areas where you CAN'T fly are supported in the Lore.

Just a quick counterpoint to many of the criticisms I've read over the weekend. Full coverage beginning tomorrow.

Fulguralis said...
July 7, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

Good points. I've heard/thought the same things. Funny thing about the lag... it's way better than trying to play from NA on a Chinese server. Not that I'd know ;-). So, we were like ridiculously happy with the lag. Still, you're right that it should get better (and there were some parts where it "locked up" due to too many ppl in one area... that should get ironed out a bit).

Do you know for sure about the existence of quests through the level cap? I've not been much higher than 15, but so far so good. What's cap? 50 I think, right?

Samodean said...
July 7, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

I have not confirmed, but all info points towards being able to almost entirely quest to 50. Definitely if you quest in the Open PVP zone, the Abyss.

Also, one of the patches that isn't active in the Beta build added in extra quests and upped the exp gained from many quests, so I can almost guarantee the ability to quest to the level cap of 50.

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