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Aion Preview: Gathering

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Two epically awesome things about Gathering in Aion:

-All methods of gathering are shared within one skill
-You gain small amounts of experience with each success

This is the first Gatherable item you will come across in the game. Although, it is called "Azpha" in the current translation. It shows in the mouseover that it requires 1 Point in your Collecting Skill.

After Right-Clicking on the plant, a window will appear. In this window, the "Pass" and "Fail" bars will fill up semi-randomly, depending on your skill level. Pass? You get it. Fail? Try again.

Once you ascend to Daeva status, you're above gathering with your bare hands. Instead, your Collecting skill becomes "Extract Vitality." It functions exactly the same, although you can no longer gather in the starter zones.

In addition to Extract Vitality, you also gain the Extract Aether skill upon ascension. Aether is used in every craft, and functions slightly differently that Extract Vitality. Vortexes are only found in midair, and require flight to gather. The higher in the air a Vortex is, the higher level of Aether it contains, and the higher skill it requires.

Also, some items are obtained through old-fashioned farming. The pictured Refining Stones (now called "Fluxes") come in Weapon, Armor and Accessory varieties. They are random drops of just about any enemy, with higher-level enemies dropping higher level stones. Skins, hides and other goodies also drop off the appropriate enemies. In this way, you must balance mob-farming and straight-up gathering to be successful in Aion.

Shava said...
September 18, 2009 at 1:56 AM  

It's worth noting that the most you can gather from a node on the ground is three units of whatever resource. Those resources sometimes include an uncommon version (Fresh Azphel, rather than Azphel) which is used in different recipes.

In the air, the vortex nodes yield up to five aether units, and staying aloft until you get the last one can be a dangerous challenge!

An upcoming patch (1.5.6? or was it 1.6?) will put toxic harvests in some ore harvests, and to avoid the toxins you'll have to enter a capcha code. Presumably this is to discourage botting for harvesting.

Samodean said...
September 18, 2009 at 6:28 AM  

Ah, yes. Al good points that I missed. ><

Thanks for the input.

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