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Stepping Up

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Time to man up.

Azeroth United has started a charity drive sponsoring the amazing Child's Play charity.

Granted, I don't write much about World of Warcraft any more, but I'm still Uniting with Azeroth in this one. Child's Play is an amazing charity that is worth it. Rarely do you find a charity where literally EVERY DOLLAR makes a difference.

I assume anyone reading this blog is familiar with Syrana. Her and Sideshow have stepped up to the plate, offering to pledge up to $100, based around the success of the #IBlameSyrana hashtag on Twitter. Every time someone tweets using that hashtag, it's money in the bank.

This puts me in an interesting situation.

I CREATED #IBlameSyrana

So, I have decided that I will match the contributions of $0.10 per tweet, up to a maximum of $50. It's the least I could do.

Fulgualis and Fuubar have also pledged their support. Between the lot of us, this brings the potential total to $0.50 per Tweet.

So, get out there! If you aren't on Twitter, there is no better time to join the party. If nothing else, revel in the fact that you're costing us money.

Syrana said...
October 28, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

And thank you for creating it, and joining in on the pledges. :) There are going to be some very happy children.

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