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Ultimate Alliance 2 Legendary Tips

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This past weekend, I finished Ultimate Alliance 2 on Legendary difficult. It was... not easy. So, I though I'd share some tips.

First of all, and this SHOULD be a given, make sure you choose the opposite side for your second playthrough. You cannot unlock all the attributes for most of the characters until you've played both sides.

Group composition is key. You can't just roll into Legendary with whoever you want, as opposed to earlier difficulties. My team:

Thor: You need a "tank" character. You should control this character as much as possible, as the AI will tend to home in on you. Thing, Hulk, Juggernaut and even Luke Cage or Ms Marvel are all viable options, but I love me some Thor. Aside from the God of Thunder being my favorite comic character, he's a beast in this game. His Mjolnir Strike is a great way to rush in to a group of foes and deal a nice bit of damage to them all, as well as getting the heck out of there if you're low on health. Mighty Swipe is, pardon the pun, godly. At max level, I was dealing over 1000 damage with each swing.

Iron Fist: He's fairly indispensable. He's the only character in the game with a heal. Low on health and out of Tokens? Switch to Iron Fist and throw out a few heals. Protip: hitting Block as soon as the heal goes off will cancel the animation, allowing you to spam heals twice as fast. Additionally, he has one of the best radials in the game. He's a bit weak defensively, so leave him to the AI unless you need the heals.

Songbird: You need a ranged attacker to back you up. Jean Grey and Storm are also good choices, but Songbird is a beast. Her Decibel Barrage will clear out the weaker enemies, while Shatter Scream will annihilate more powerful enemies. The thing that makes these three ladies my choice for ranged attacker is their Fusions. They each have a Fusion-boosting attribute, as well as high Teamwork stats.

Wolverine: This last slot is open to whoever you'd like. The only requirement is to have SOMEBODY who can perform a Targeted Fusion with your Ranged character, since almost any combination with Thor and Iron Fist will be Guided. I chose Wolverine because my best options for Songbird were him, Spiderman and Venom.

Granted, this is not the ONLY possible combination, just my suggestion.

With my team, I would use Songbird on solo bosses. Using her Targeted Fusion with Wolverine whenever possible, and keeping Shatter Scream going as much as possible, while still maintaining a safe range. For bosses with minions, I'd stick to Thor, since Songbird is fragile. Just Mighty Swipe away, and switch to Songbird to quickly use Fusions.

Equip Stamina Boosts! Especially Reserves IV, which you get from defeating Titanium Man on Legendary. This DOUBLES your Stamina, essentially allowing you to IGNORE melee attacks.

Level up as quickly as possible. Equip Experience Gain Boosts. Get those stats and Attributes up there before the real hard stuff hits.

The biggest tip is to finish your Simulator missions BEFORE starting Legendary. You have almost no hope of earning Gold Medals after.

Anybody else out there have strategies to share?


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