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Dragon Age: Warrior Dual Weapon

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Dual Weapon Warriors are similar to their Two-Handed brethren in some respects, but differ vastly in gameplay style. While Two-Handed is all about using your skills to the fullest, Dual Weapon is more about pure DAMAGE. Throw up your sustained abilities and auto-attack away. Since Warriors don't get a Backstab bonus, they can deal maximum damage with little micro-managing.

Party Members

Alistair starts with several Weapon and Shield points, but can be switched to this rather easily.
Sten starts with a couple Two-Handed abilities, but this is an option.
Oghren and Spoiler all come with too many points already in Two-Handed skills, switching them over would be difficult.


Strength: Maximum - Damage, damage, damage. Bring the pain.
Dexterity: 36 - Dual Weapon talents need Dexterity to learn.
Willpower: Minimum - You need to put a great deal of points into Dexterity, so you would have to take points away from Strength to pump your Willpower. This is why Dual Weapon Warriors are pretty much auto-attack machines.
Magic: Minimum - Nearly useless
Cunning: 16 - This is the minimum amount required for max-rank Coercion (for your main character) and Combat Tactics (for your companions).
Constitution: 15-18 - As a front-line fighter, you're going to take some damage, but you only need enough to survive a few hits, hopefully.


Templar: Odds are, you won't want to be splitting the good one-handed weapons between two characters. If so, and you roll without a Rogue, this is a very viable secondary specialization.
Berserker: You get mad and hit stuff. Berserker is the primary damage-dealing Warrior Specialization. The fact that you'll be using very few active abilities makes the reduced Stamina regeneration a non-issue.
Champion: A solid Secondary Specialization. Rally is yet another Sustained ability to add to your arsenal.
Reaver: Reaver's stat bonuses are defensive in nature and their abilities aren't very impressive. It's an option, but not recommended.


Instead of listing EVERY talent, I will just point out the important ones, both good and bad.

Powerful: Definitely
Death Blow: This is very nice to have, but you'll have to spend 2 points in useless talents to get there. Definitely pick it up, but save it for later.
Precise Striking: This ability is PHENOMENAL if you get it early enough.
Disengage: Enemies target characters in heavy armor before those in light armor. Since Warriors walk around with tons of metal strapped to their backs, this could get you out of trouble from time to time.
Perfect Striking: Like Death Blow, a solid ability that can wait until later in the game to pick up.
Dual Weapon Moastery: Get this ASAP. This will allow you to wield a sword or axe in your offhand instead of a dagger. A MASSIVE damage increase for a Strength-focused Warrior.
Dual Weapon Sweep and Whirlwind: The only active abilities that I suggest for Dual Weapon Warriors. Your Stamina is at a premium, so you may as well use it to dish out as much damage as possible. Warriors have an advantage over Rogues here. First, they'll deal more base damage with these attacks. Second, if they happen to draw aggro, they can take the hits.
Momentum: This is why you won't have any Stamina to work with. Fire your AoEs, pop this baby and carve up some Darkspawn.

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