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Dragon Age: Warrior Two-Handed

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(For a full listing of Character Guides, please go here)

Two-Handed Warriors may lack the pure damage of a Dual-Wield build, but they make up for it in utility.

Party Members

Alistair starts with several Weapon and Shield points, but can be switched to this rather easily.
Sten, Oghren and Spoiler all come with points already in Two-Handed skills.


Strength: Maximum - Damage, damage, damage. Bring the pain.
Dexterity: 18 - Minimum requirement for a couple talents. Your Attack rating (Accuracy) comes from a combination of Strength and Dexterity, so this will not hurt.
Willpower: 25+ - As I mentioned earlier, Two-Handed Warriors are about utility. You need a good amount of Stamina to keep flowing. Adjust to whatever fits your playstyle, but don't go too high.
Magic: Minimum - Nearly useless
Cunning: 16 - This is the minimum amount required for max-rank Coercion (for your main character) and Combat Tactics (for your companions).
Constitution: 15-18 - As a front-line fighter, you're going to take some damage, but you only need enough to survive a few hits, hopefully.


Templar: If you choose not to roll with a Mage-killing Rogue, this would be a Secondary option.
Berserker: You get mad and hit stuff. Berserker is the primary damage-dealing Warrior Specialization. Just make sure to pump that Willpower stat a bit, especially early on.
Champion: A solid Secondary Specialization. Your Two-Hander will likely have more mana to spare than your tank to keep Rally going.
Reaver: Reaver's stat bonuses are defensive in nature and their abilities aren't very impressive. It's an option, but not recommended.


Instead of listing EVERY talent, I will just point out the important ones, both good and bad.

Powerful: Definitely
Death Blow: This is very nice to have, but you'll have to spend 2 points in useless talents to get there. Definitely pick it up, but save it for later.
Precise Striking: This ability is PHENOMENAL if you get it early enough.
Disengage: Enemies target characters in heavy armor before those in light armor. Since Warriors walk around with tons of metal strapped to their backs, this could get you out of trouble from time to time.
Perfect Striking: Like Death Blow, a solid ability that can wait until later in the game to pick up. Once you pump your Strength, you shouldn't need too much more Attack.
Pommel Strike: One of those great utility abilities. Use this to cancel a Mage's casting. Also, when an ally is in a "grab," like those you see from Ogres and other, nastier enemies later in the game, this will free them.
Indomitable: Own the battlefield. Use this. Always.
Stunning Blows: This makes Zev slightly useful if he has the talent that gives automatic backstabs against stunned enemies.
Critical Strike: Really not that great. This should be happening decently often enough without the Stamina cost.
Sunder Arms and Sunder Armor: These deal very good damage IN ADDITION to their debuffs.
Powerful Swings: Seems nice, but you'll already have a few Sustained Abilities running, and Indomitable is better.
Two-Handed Sweep: Your only AoE, try to get this as early as possible. Between this and Warcry/Superiority from Champion, you can keep groups of enemies at bay for a while, though you may need to Disengage afterward.

Anonymous said...
August 26, 2010 at 5:09 PM  

You don't really need Willpower if you equip certain items, nor Constitution if you can control your Tank well enough. Warrior gets +6 Health on each level up and 1 Constitution point = 5 Health so increasing Con is nearly pointless for non-Tank/Blood Mage character.

Wade's Superior Dragonskin -set has amazing Stamina related enchantments (-25% Fatigue, +2 Stamina Regen, +25 Stamina), Willpower doesn't really matter if you regenerate Stamina fast enough.

Mighty Blow/Critical Strike are good if you know when to use them, combined with Death Blow you can keep your Stamina pool relatively high with ease. This'll also allow you to Shatter enemies reliably even with low Crit %.

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