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Me Rite Gud

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I was digging around Google Analytics the other day, looking at some stats from my old blog, when I happened upon something unexpected.


Phoenix_Fire is a student studying interactive media. He decided to start a blog, Fight Fire with Frostfire, exploring various aspects of online life.

In the above post, he examines the writing style of a blogger. Me.

After reading this article, I started thinking. It's important to draw the distinction between an "author" and a "writer." An actual AUTHOR would look at my work and lose their lunch.

I was going through some old fiction posts the other day as part of a side-project I'm considering. Reading through some of those old posts, with this new perspective in mind, I had a revelation.

My writing style is a jacked-up, back-asswards MESS.

But it's an AWESOME mess. All my stunted paragraphs and "one-line turnarounds," as Phoenix_Fire calls them, serve as a visual representation of the pace and flow of my writing. This was not intentional, just the way things worked out for me, but now has become my thing.

But so what? THIS. IS. SPARTA THE INTERNET. There are no rules here. If an AUTHOR submitted something like this, their publisher would throw them out a window. Luckily, I'm a WRITER. This non-traditional form of media calls for some non-traditional writing.

I just may be good at this thing, afterall.

Fellow writers, I would love to see your thoughts on your own styles, especially in the context of "online media" as opposed to "traditional media."

Syrana said...
January 6, 2010 at 12:13 AM  

"My writing style is a jacked-up, back-asswards MESS."

You and me both, brotha.

My blog text is more reflective of how I might speak to you, but my professional work documentation does not contain my voice. At. All.

I use odd breaks and one lines ... and emotes.

Lots of "..." and parenthetical phrases as well.

This would not hold up "traditionally."

Even looking at how I write my fanfiction posts... no indented paragraphs or "normal" paragraph structure. But that style has carried over from posting fiction forum style.

As much as I'd love to be an author, by the traditional sense, I think my best bet is to stick with being a writer in a non-traditional sense.

Samodean said...
January 6, 2010 at 5:31 PM  

Oh jeez... ellipses. I use those... a bit too much.

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