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Aion Preview: Classes

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Part 2 of my preview of Aion focuses on the 8 classes available in the game.

During character creation, you select from one of 4 "archetypes." These show you the basic abilities of the full classes, and teach you the basics of each playstyle. At level 9, you gain a quest to "ascend" and are able to select from one of two classes available to each archetype.

Warrior Classes

Warriors start off with the ability to wear Chain armor and equip Swords, Maces and Shields. Warriors gain a basic combo, a physical debuff and a couple defensive skills.

Gladiator: Gladiators are all about massive damage. They can wear Plate armor and equip Daggers, Swords, Maces, Greatswords, Polearms, Bows and Shields. They are the only class in the game that can use Polearms. They specialize in large, flashy, sweeping attacks, AOEs and knockdowns, leaving their enemies vulnerable for a short time. With the ability to equip shields and access to some basic defensive skills, Gladiators make excellent offensive tanks. They will take more damage, but also deal more. At level 20, Gladiators can Dual-Wield, sacrificing their AOEs and Knockdown abilities for increased single-target DPS.

Templar: Templars are Aion's preeminent defensive class. They can wear Plate armor and equip Swords, Maces, Shields and Greatswords. With a few self-healing abilities, survivability is the name of the game, making Templars the game's only true tanking class.

Scout Classes

Scouts wear Leather armor, and wield Daggers and Swords. They gain a Stealth ability and Dual-Wielding, in addition to Counterattacks and a Backstab-type maneuvers.

Ranger: Your standard ranged class. Adds Bows to the Scout's equipment abilities. Rangers excel at keeping enemies at range, with many slowing attacks to stay at range. Rangers can lead enemies right where they want them, into their powerful Traps. While they prefer to rain arrows from afar, by stemming from the Scout class, Rangers are not useless at melee. Rangers also take camouflage to the next level, using items to take the form of trees or rocks.

Assassin: Assassin is a direct upgrade from Scout, keeping the Leather, Daggers and Swords. Assassin's have the unique ability to use Signets. Certain special attacks will carve Signets into your enemies, which can then be "detonated" for damage, as well as stuns and other effects. With Poisons and many abilities that take advantage of weakened and helpless enemies, Assassins are true to their name.

Mage Classes

Mages are all about destruction. With the lightest defense in the game, with only the ability to wear Cloth armor, it's all Glass Canon gameplay, dishing out massive elemental damage. The only weapon a Mage can equip is the Spellbook.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers gain the ability to equip Orb weapons. They are an all-out offensive spellcaster. Snaring your enemies with Ice and searing flesh from bone with Fire is standard Sorcerer warfare. Sorcerers also possess some Crowd Control spells.

Spiritmaster: Spiritmasters can also equip Orbs. Spiritmasters are one with the elements, able to summon creatures of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water to their aid. The Fire Elemental is solid melee damage, Wind is about speedy attacks, Earth for tanking, and Water for ranged damage dealing. Spiritmasters are all about letting their Elementals do the bulk of the work, while using Damage-Over-Time spells and maintaining high efficiency.

Priest Classes

Healers in Aion are not wimps. Priests can equip up to LEATHER armor and use Maces and Shields. Standard buffs and heals, with some decent offensive output.

Cleric: Clerics are the strongest healers in Aion. In keeping with the "hard to kill healers," Clerics can wear up to CHAIN armor, as well as Staves. Massive heals, raising the dead and cleansing of effects are the realm of the Cleric.

Chanter: Chanters are an offensive take on the Priest, keeping the same equipment options as the Cleric. Chanters bring buffs, buffs, buffs and more buffs. Chanters are a Bard-like class, making sure to be in the right place, with the right buff, at the right time. Not all buffs can be active at the same time, so much like a WoW Shaman's Totems, they're highly situational. That's not all, though. Chanters can dish out some decent damage with their Staves, adding debuffs to enemies with their Chain skills. Add in some healing capabilities and Chanters are invaluable in any situation.

So, what classes will I be playing? I'll likely start off with a Spiritmaster. They are a very Warlocky class, and that's how Sam rolls. I'd like to try out Templar, as well. However, the more I read about Chanter, as well as watching my girlfriend play it, I am growing increasingly interested in the class.

Fulguralis said...
July 9, 2009 at 8:16 AM  

I'm planning to go Sorcerer, Ranger, Chanter. In that order probably. I can't leave my ranged damage dealing roots. I've tried out Spiritmaster a bit (thinking it warlocky as well), but I've never been a huge fan of pet micro-management (which there is a good amount of in that class). I'll probably go full out glass cannon instead. It can be sufficiently evil if I play it right :-).

Fuubaar said...
July 10, 2009 at 11:59 AM  

I'm going to start off with an Assassin. Sneaky sneaky... BAM! You are now dead.

I'm very interested in the Signets and where the Assassin puts it without the enemy knowing about it.

Back Door Banaza Assassin!

actually that's pretty gross.

I'll go away now...

/looks around to see if someone noticed her departure

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