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I had the good fortune today to finally read the "Ashbringer" miniseries of the World of Warcraft comic.

Lore Nerds MUST read this.

It takes all the clips and comments and scenes and dialog we've experienced over the past 4+ years and puts them together into one coherent storyline. Much of the information IS in the game, but can be rather confusing if you're missing one or two tidbits.

We see the forging of the Ashbringer, the fall of the Silver Hand and the rise of the Scarlet Crusade and Argent Dawn. It sorts out all the Mograines and Fordrings wandering the worlds. It solves the mystery of Light's Hope Chapel. It even explains why Tirion Fordring was in exile. Also, look for the secret beginnings of Varimathras' rebellion.

All in all, a fantastic story with AMAZING art. Highly recommended.


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